IV Infusions - Bespoke and Customise your own infusions

Consultations for preventive medical care and information on related health topics. 
Our clinics have a holistic approach to providing medical care, which is patient centric. 
From providing patient care for nonspecific symptoms to treatment for other specific disease patterns, our general practitioners provide a complete healthcare stop focusing on all round patient wellness and quality care.

what we treat?

These are some of the most popular IV infusions that we provide, but if you book a consultation with one of our medical professionals we also able to tailor a customised IV for your needs:

Essential hydration drip

Drinking fluids doesn’t give your body the specific things it needs to perform at the highest levels. Hydration IV therapy is completely customized to your body. You get the perfect mix of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients that you need to feel your best and get the best high hydration in your body. 

Protect, detox & hydrate drip

Stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle puts pressure on our cells. Power up with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids you need for energy, helpfulto detox and for your performance and fitness goals, blended with electrolytes. 

Royal flash VIP IV 

Beauty is more than just skin deep. Our IV Infusion rejuvenates your skin with high doses of the master anti-oxidant to help you glow and stop time in its tracks.

Performance booster plus

Beat the burnout with enhanced clarity, memory and focus. Reboot your body & mind and quickly regain your energy levels back with high level of our bespoke vitamins cocktails. 

Male power plus

Keep your body regenerated whilst boosting energy and athletic performance! We also blend amino acid with vitamins to improve performance and help to help sexual wellbeing boost and blood circulation. 

Female rebalancing

Very popular IV therapy designed for our female patients. Great help to rebalance your busy lifestyle, improve your sleep patterns and appetite cycles. Ideal for women looking to rebalance their hormones. 

Anti stress

Boost energy levels, reset your sleep and sharpen your brain and memory. This IV infusion will help you to feel more relaxed and reach mental clarity, it also helps to improve cellular DNA repair.

Vitamins booster are also available

We offer many different types of booster : B12, B complex , Fat Burners , Glutathione and many more - please enquiry with us!

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